DTS Editor

DTS Editor is a desktop UI to navigate, search and manage a Knowledgebase.

DTS Editor allows you to view subscription content in Ontylog and Thesaurus namespaces within your Knowledgebase (in DTS each namespace represents a separate source terminology). All of your namespaces together comprise your Knowledgebase. You can configure a tree display for a broad view of a selected subscription namespace, then select an individual item (e.g., concept, term) for which to view detailed information.

The edit functions in the DTS Editor allow you to create and maintain new content in one or more local namespaces. Each user-defined local namespace that you create can contain new concepts and/or terms that reside outside of any of your subscription namespaces.

In the local namespace you also can map relationships (i.e., create associations) between selected concepts or terms in your local content, and specific concepts or terms in subscription namespace content. For example, you can create a mapping between a single concept in an Ontylog subscription namespace, and a newly created synonymous term in your local namespace.

DTS Editor Plug-in Framework

DTS provides a framework for customizing or extending the capabilities of the DTS Editor. Using the Plug-in Framework, developers may create new plug-in 'modules' designed to interface and work with existing DTS Editor features. This provides the DTS developer the ability to provide targeted, custom functionality without having to spend time and effort developing a GUI and the supporting DTS connection framework. For more information, see the document Introduction to DTS Editor Plug-ins.

Main Panels of DTS Editor

Concept Tree PanelShows the Concept hierarchy based on ISA relationship and association.
Concept Walker PanelShows the parent and child Concept hierarchies for a Concept based on ISA relationship and association.
Search PanelSearches Concept and Term based on attributes.
Details PanelPanel to view and edit Concept and Term.


DTS Editor Main Window

DTS Editor