DTS Core

The DTS (Distributed Terminology System) is a client/server solution that enables delivery of concepts, terms, and relationships from Knowledgebase to lightweight clients. DTS is composed of the following components:

  • A DTS Knowledgebase (KB) residing in a relational database (Oracle or MS SQL Server currently).
  • Command line utilities to
    • Create Knowledgebase
    • Import content
    • Publish content
    • Export content
    • Generate content change report
  • A highly concurrent and robust server that communicates with clients by using an XML-based messaging protocol. Application objects are loaded dynamically into the server as they are needed. The server supports logging and tracing, remote monitoring of load and thread use, connection statistics, and JDBC connection pooling to minimize resource use.
  • Client-side API to allow for development of custom applications that can make use of accessing information from a DTS Knowledgebase

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DTS API Tutorial